Live Your Dash !

Live Your Dash !

This necklace reminded me of something my pastor talked about one Sunday. He said so many people live in the past which represents the birth date on a tombstone. A lot of others live in the future, always thinking their happiness will come. Of course this is represented by the death date. Not many people actually live their dash.

One thing my husband has taught me over the years is to live my dash. To really live it, you must actually live your life without worrying what other people think. Because, hey, it’s your dash. Not their dash. I like doing different and unusual things in order to experience as many things as possible while on this earth. I always told him not to expect me to be sitting in a rocker knitting or crocheting. I feel more alive when stepping out of my comfort zone. I know people who are so conservative and afraid to step out because they may fail, regret doing something, or look silly. That is so sad. I hope there will be some funny and exciting things to say about you when you die. We only have one dash between those dates so make it worth the stone it’s carved on.

Krizia Perfume Advertising

Krizia Perfume Advertising

This is a blonde Ava Gardner. Ava was blonde as a child and Krizia used her childhood picture to advertise Krizia perfume. Ava’s niece told me that Ava actually did use Krizia, but her favorite everyday perfume was Coriandre. You could commonly find it at 5 and 10 stores back then. I have both of these scents and they are stronger than what I commonly wear , but are nice fragrances. I can imagine a firecracker like Ava wearing both of these spicy floral scents.

Old Skyland Hotel in Hendersonville, NC

The condos in Downtown Hendersonville offer care free living, making them ideal for seasonal or year round living. Access to the exclusive units require an elevator key only obtainable by the condo owners on the residential floors. The entrance into the historic building still features the original front door from 1929. Adding further character to this unique entrance is the small window at the top of the door that displays the beautiful work of a local artist. 

Old Skyland Hotel

old skyland hotel image

The Construction of the Skyland hotel in 1929 enriched the atmosphere of Downtown Hendersonville in many ways. It is of the neo-classicism design.  It was originally built to furnish the city with a real downtown hotel to accommodate vacationers and the many artists that frequented Hendersonville because of its rich culture and inspiring beauty. It also provided accommodations for the big bands of the  40’s that would bring downtown to life as they filled the air with music and couples danced into the night in the ball room of the Skyland Hotel on the main floor.  Scott Fitzgerald stayed in the Skyland while wife, Zelda  was in the Highland Hospital in Asheville. It also became the hotel of choice for Ronald and Nancy Reagan when the President would visit the Hendersonville area to deliver his motivational speeches at the local General Electric plant.  As Hendersonville grew over time, additional hotels became available, and the novelty of the Skyland Hotel was overlooked. Years later the hotel was converted into private residences to offer a living experience unlike any other in Hendersonville.  Link to interesting timeline for Zelda and Scott.

Tired of Moving?

I love learning how other people live in different parts of the country.  Moving around a lot with my husband’s job helped me realize how much fun it is to learn about other parts of the country and the people in each of these areas.  Recently, we have been thinking about moving to the North Carolina coast  because we have never lived at the coast.  A friend asked me if I was tired of moving.  I said that I was.  After thinking about it, I realized it is not moving that I am tired of.  After all, learning about other people and different areas is not the same if you do not actually move there and experience it.  It is lugging all the stuff that makes moving so exhausting.  Since we let go of so much stuff, it is a lighter and much more enjoyable experience.  My d.h. and I have never felt better than we do right now.  Life is fun if you continue living it.  I read this week that so many people are just existing and are afraid to really live during the dash.   Example:  A tombstone – Too many people look back towards the birth numbers ( the past) and the death numbers   ( the future), and not really living a worthwhile and gratifying life during the dash.  This is a great analogy!

I can’t wait for our next adventure.

Oak Island, NC





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My daughter and I explored Southport and Oak Island, NC. this week.  I love the shopping and atmosphere in the cute town of Southport. Southport is a small down to earth fishing town on the Cape Fear river.  It has gotten a little touristy since the movie Safe Haven was filmed there.  Everyone is flocking to see if this dream town is as sweet as the movie portrays.  It really is sweet.

I love the residential aspect of Oak Island.  Oak Island is 7 miles from Southport, NC.  When you drive over the bridge from Southport to Oak Island you are in another down to earth town, except it’s on the Atlantic Ocean.  It is not like any other beach town that I have ever been to.  It is very residential without the high rises and rows of condominiums that are on other beaches.  The town actually put a moratorium on six or more bedroom houses.  They are trying to keep this year round residential aspect to the island.