Old Skyland Hotel

old skyland hotel image

The Construction of the Skyland hotel in 1929 enriched the atmosphere of Downtown Hendersonville in many ways. It is of the neo-classicism design.  It was originally built to furnish the city with a real downtown hotel to accommodate vacationers and the many artists that frequented Hendersonville because of its rich culture and inspiring beauty. It also provided accommodations for the big bands of the  40’s that would bring downtown to life as they filled the air with music and couples danced into the night in the ball room of the Skyland Hotel on the main floor.  Scott Fitzgerald stayed in the Skyland while wife, Zelda  was in the Highland Hospital in Asheville. It also became the hotel of choice for Ronald and Nancy Reagan when the President would visit the Hendersonville area to deliver his motivational speeches at the local General Electric plant.  As Hendersonville grew over time, additional hotels became available, and the novelty of the Skyland Hotel was overlooked. Years later the hotel was converted into private residences to offer a living experience unlike any other in Hendersonville.

http://www.zeldafitzgerald.com/chronology/chronology_26.asp  Link to interesting timeline for Zelda and Scott.

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