Tired of Moving?

I love learning how other people live in different parts of the country.  Moving around a lot with my husband’s job helped me realize how much fun it is to learn about other parts of the country and the people in each of these areas.  Recently, we have been thinking about moving to the North Carolina coast  because we have never lived at the coast.  A friend asked me if I was tired of moving.  I said that I was.  After thinking about it, I realized it is not moving that I am tired of.  After all, learning about other people and different areas is not the same if you do not actually move there and experience it.  It is lugging all the stuff that makes moving so exhausting.  Since we let go of so much stuff, it is a lighter and much more enjoyable experience.  My d.h. and I have never felt better than we do right now.  Life is fun if you continue living it.  I read this week that so many people are just existing and are afraid to really live during the dash.   Example:  A tombstone – Too many people look back towards the birth numbers ( the past) and the death numbers   ( the future), and not really living a worthwhile and gratifying life during the dash.  This is a great analogy!

I can’t wait for our next adventure.

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