Oak Island, NC





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My daughter and I explored Southport and Oak Island, NC. this week.  I love the shopping and atmosphere in the cute town of Southport. Southport is a small down to earth fishing town on the Cape Fear river.  It has gotten a little touristy since the movie Safe Haven was filmed there.  Everyone is flocking to see if this dream town is as sweet as the movie portrays.  It really is sweet.

I love the residential aspect of Oak Island.  Oak Island is 7 miles from Southport, NC.  When you drive over the bridge from Southport to Oak Island you are in another down to earth town, except it’s on the Atlantic Ocean.  It is not like any other beach town that I have ever been to.  It is very residential without the high rises and rows of condominiums that are on other beaches.  The town actually put a moratorium on six or more bedroom houses.  They are trying to keep this year round residential aspect to the island.


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