Loreen In Evening Gown

Loreen In Evening Gown

About 6 months ago, I went with my best buddy, Loreen Potter, to the stitchery supply store. She let me pick out a picture for her to cross stitch. The picture was very intricate so I told her I was giving her a license to take her time, years if necessary. I promised to never ask how far along she was when we talk or get together.

When Loreen unexpectedly passed away, I was absolutely devastated. I will never be the same without her in my life. One thing that absolutely shocked me was when I went to her house after the news and her husband, George, told me to sit down because he had something for me. When he gave me the cross stitched picture, I couldn’t believe it. Loreen had actually finished it soon before she passed away. I wanted to share this lovely picture with you. I named it “Loreen In Evening Gown.”

Loreen Potter

This earth will never be the same with the loss of my dearest buddy, Loreen Potter.  It feels as though the sun will never be as bright and our hearts will never be the same.  It is hard dealing with a best friend dying.  I am grateful for all the wonderful years we had together, but I selfishly want there to be more.  The only comfort I have is that we will be together again knowing we both are children of the living God.  

Loreen lived a wonderful life and was an inspiration to me and so many others.  George and Loreen and Tony and I went on many date nights, day trips, and weekend trips together.  I will never forget the wonderful times we had together.  She always wanted our clothing to coordinate when we went on our double dates.  We never laughed harder than when we were with them.  One night they called wanting us to come over and we went to their house in our pajamas.  When we were on their porch a neighbor friend  asked what we were doing.  Loreen said with quick wit, “We’re having a pajama party.” 

I loved hearing Loreen’s childhood stories.  Her parents adopted her as a baby.  Her parents Tom and Gertrude Foster owned Foster Dairy and Ice Cream Shop in Rochester, NY.  She told us about going to the shop after school and having them treat her and her friends to ice cream before going ice skating.  It seemed like an  ideal childhood.  I know her adoptive parents loved and nurtured her so much.  She was a beautiful person as a result.  George, her husband, said you couldn’t eat an ice cream sandwich without them praying over it.

 I am so thankful that she has been a part of my life for the past 25 years.