Loreen In Evening Gown

Loreen In Evening Gown

About 6 months ago, I went with my best buddy, Loreen Potter, to the stitchery supply store. She let me pick out a picture for her to cross stitch. The picture was very intricate so I told her I was giving her a license to take her time, years if necessary. I promised to never ask how far along she was when we talk or get together.

When Loreen unexpectedly passed away, I was absolutely devastated. I will never be the same without her in my life. One thing that absolutely shocked me was when I went to her house after the news and her husband, George, told me to sit down because he had something for me. When he gave me the cross stitched picture, I couldn’t believe it. Loreen had actually finished it soon before she passed away. I wanted to share this lovely picture with you. I named it “Loreen In Evening Gown.”

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