Visiting Miss Violet!


Miss Violet and me.


Arriving at the farm.

It is unfortunate that my dear friend, Miss Violet, had a stroke recently.  She has improved a lot and is doing remarkably well.  I have really missed seeing her, so I welcomed the invitation to go back to Laurel Bloomery,Tennessee for a visit.  It was a very special treat to take my d.h. (dearest husband) with me this time.  He loved seeing the area where I had been staying and seeing the beautiful farm in person.  We had fun talking and laughing with Miss Violet.  She has the cutest laugh of anyone I know.  We are praying for more improvements so she can come to Hendersonville to stay a week with us soon.

It was so funny that my sister, Jerri and her d.h. had coincidentally planned to go to Abingdon, Virginia this same weekend.  I decided not to tell her we would be right around the corner from Abingdon and show up on Saturday to surprise them. Today when we left Miss Violet’s, we drove to Abingdon.  My sis texted me while we were driving and said they were enjoying the Martha Inn and would adventure around downtown next.  Right after parking the car we saw them walking along on the other side of the street.  We hid behind a tree until they entered a nearby shop.  I went into the shop and she was listening to a presentation on a variety of cooking oils and vinegar.  I just stood in the group until she turned and saw me. She did a double take in sheer surprise.  It was priceless! We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out together and eating at The Pepper Mill restaurant.  I feel so fortunate that the four of us can spend time together and have so much fun.


View from the farmhouse.


Crossing bridge to get to farm.


The Tavern in Abingdon, VA. It is the oldest structure remaining in Abingdon. It is a very popular restaurant and by reservation only. Each meal is a 2 hour affair!