Famous Britt’s


I first read about Britt’s doughnuts in Our State magazine and then I saw a travel channel episode about them.  My doctor in Hendersonville is from Wilmington and she told me I had to go to Britt’s and eat 13 doughnuts for her.

So on this hot and humid day my husband and I decided to see what Britt’s is all about and if they are worth their fame.

We drove to Southport 5 miles and boarded the Fort Fisher Ferry.  The ferry ride was 25 minutes. That took us to Kure Beach for $5 each way. From there we drove to Carolina Beach and parked at the boardwalk for $3.  We then bought 2 drinks to have with our doughnuts and that was $3.  We then went into Britt’s and bought 1/2 dozen doughnuts for $5.50.

Was it worth all of that trouble and expense to eat 6 doughnuts?


After eating 3 each, my husband and I looked at each other and said at the same time, “who was the idiot that only bought a half dozen?”  It was VERY hard to walk away, but we really did walk away after a half dozen.


Loco Joe’s in Southport, N.C.


       In an interview with Julianne Hough about filming Safe Haven, she said her favorite restaurant in Southport was Loco Joe’s because of their fish tacos.  Today we went there to try them for ourselves.  This is a tiny hole in the wall popular with locals and tourists.  We had to wait about 30 minutes, but well worth it!  There’s also a sarcastic sense of humor about the place.  The sign on the porch says “This place sucks.” Inside by the cash register sat a galvanized bucket used for the tip jar, but it says “trash”.

And….my friends and family know I always seek out the sanitary rating.  It is 99%.