Famous Britt’s


I first read about Britt’s doughnuts in Our State magazine and then I saw a travel channel episode about them.  My doctor in Hendersonville is from Wilmington and she told me I had to go to Britt’s and eat 13 doughnuts for her.

So on this hot and humid day my husband and I decided to see what Britt’s is all about and if they are worth their fame.

We drove to Southport 5 miles and boarded the Fort Fisher Ferry.  The ferry ride was 25 minutes. That took us to Kure Beach for $5 each way. From there we drove to Carolina Beach and parked at the boardwalk for $3.  We then bought 2 drinks to have with our doughnuts and that was $3.  We then went into Britt’s and bought 1/2 dozen doughnuts for $5.50.

Was it worth all of that trouble and expense to eat 6 doughnuts?


After eating 3 each, my husband and I looked at each other and said at the same time, “who was the idiot that only bought a half dozen?”  It was VERY hard to walk away, but we really did walk away after a half dozen.


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