Taylor’s for Breakfast

Josh Duhamel in an interview about filming Safe Haven said his favorite restaurant in Southport was Taylor’s for breakfast.  This morning we went to try the place for ourselves.  It is a purple and green building on Howe Street, so easy to spot.  I had a sweet potato waffle that was really delicious.  Tony had purple pancakes.  Yes, I said purple pancakes!  We were happy to have pure maple syrup and no artificial crap.  All of the Safe Haven cast and crew ate there along with many celebrity chefs that have their pictures along one wall of the dining room.  If you are a Republican you will want the food to be over the top awesome to overcome the decor.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Rating 96.520150702_101325_resized_1 20150702_101258_resized


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