Live Your Dash !

Live Your Dash !

This necklace reminded me of something my pastor talked about one Sunday. He said so many people live in the past which represents the birth date on a tombstone. A lot of others live in the future, always thinking their happiness will come. Of course this is represented by the death date. Not many people actually live their dash.

One thing my husband has taught me over the years is to live my dash. To really live it, you must actually live your life without worrying what other people think. Because, hey, it’s your dash. Not their dash. I like doing different and unusual things in order to experience as many things as possible while on this earth. I always told him not to expect me to be sitting in a rocker knitting or crocheting. I feel more alive when stepping out of my comfort zone. I know people who are so conservative and afraid to step out because they may fail, regret doing something, or look silly. That is so sad. I hope there will be some funny and exciting things to say about you when you die. We only have one dash between those dates so make it worth the stone it’s carved on.

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