Laurel Beth

Laurel Beth sits in the shadow of a mountain called Fodder Stack Mountain.  It looks like a fodder stack of hay for animals when our ancestors would actually stack the hay using a pitch fork.  It would kind of settle in the center causing two humps.  Laurel Beth sits on the profile side of the mountain and it borders Laurel Creek, a famous trout stream in the area.  Laurel Bloomery is a rural area between Mountain City, Tennessee and Damascus, Virginia.  It is closer to Damascus.  The town boasts a large barn and field area used for singing where Bluegrass and country music is the entertainment a lot of the time.

A lifetime local that owns property on one side of us plays music and has played with The Carter Family among others.  He says that country music was actually born in Bristol, Tennessee, but it was conceived in Laurel Bloomery.

Fodder Stack of Hay

Fodder Stack mountain

Front View of Fodder Stack Mountain Laurel Bloomery, TN

Inked Fodder Stack Mountain

Fodder Stack from porch

View of Fodder Stack from Laurel Beth

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