Seasons of Life

It has been a hard year causing me to be depressed while I reflect on my life and what it means now that our (my d.h and mine) best friends are now gone and the sweet daddy I loved so much went to be with our Lord in June.

The Lord has been mysteriously working in my life and leading me, thank goodness.  I have been in no mood to lead and I have been very much in the passenger seat while God does the driving.  I know I shouldn’t wait for a tragedy to move over to that passenger seat, but being the very imperfect human that I am, I like to be in control and drive.

For years my d.h. has heard me long for living at the beach.  I was obsessed with the idea to a FAULT!  Just ask my close friends!  We even bought a trailer named Betty and then sold our house so we can get a second home at the beach.

After my daddy died, that totally went away for no apparent reason.  I was longing for a humble rural place to live my days out.  My vision was clear and I really felt God nudging me to consider this.  We looked at property in western North Carolina and never found that place that I so vividly could see in my mind.

When I drove for Miss Violet in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee, my d.h. fell in love with the area and would often say he would love living in Laurel Bloomery.  I, none the less, was set on the beach.  When we were disappointed at not finding the sweet spot, he said I should consider Laurel Bloomery.  A cabin had caught his eye earlier.  He watched it go pending then for sale again and asked me to look at it.  When we pulled in the driveway, we looked at each other knowing what the other person was thinking. This was it .  I will share with you the transformation of this little humble abode in the following posts.  We named our new place Laurel Beth.  The cabin sits on a trout stream called Laurel Creek and Beth in Hebrew means house.

I know my dad would love this place.  When I drove Miss Violet, I stayed in the barn apartment above the horses.  Daddy would call me and tell me to describe the place in detail.  He was bed bound and I was his eyes and ears for many years.  It comforts me to think that he still knows where I am and know the profound changes he has made in my life while alive and in his death.

Laurel Bloomery Cabin

Laurel Beth


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