Shopping With Miss Violet

I am making more fun memories with Miss Violet this week.  She asked me to come sit with her while her daughter, Marilyn is on a much needed vacation.  Miss Violet has decided to leave Laurel Bloomery to move to Johnson City.  She is a social person and is wanting to be around people and have a cafeteria to go to each day.  The independent living facility is brand new offering 1200 square foot apartments with the most modern appliances and gadgets.  She is very excited.  I have been helping her pack and prepare for the move in three weeks.  Today we went to our nearest town, Mountain City, to look for a queen bed and frame.

I’m meeting so many interesting people.  We first went to Cornett Furniture.  It is a large building on Main Street with old hardwood floors and a rich wood smell that takes you back to a simple time.  Mr. Cornett, asked us what we were looking for and began to show us what he had.  In a little while his wife, Edith returned. She said she had been to her exercise class. I found out they are both 91.  They are soon celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary!  I just couldn’t believe it. They both seemed so young and sharp. They have a soon to be closing sign out front.  Mrs. Cornett said they never had a credit card their whole life and never took credit cards at the store.  The new credit and debit cards has hurt their business and they just don’t want to add all this technology at their age.  She said  people used to always pay in cash.  They had also offered credit to their customers on their word that they would pay when the tobacco was sold or it was bean time, with no problems in the past.  I asked to take their picture,  but he didn’t want his picture taken.


Main drag in Mountain City, Tennessee


Mrs. Edith Crowder Cornett

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