Barn Quilts

Since buying a cabin in Laurel Bloomery, I have been seeing a lot of barn quilts in this area.  They looked like so much fun ~I had to make one for our shed.  Then one led to another which led to another. The shed is smaller compared to the barns around here so I painted mine on a 2 x 2 inch board.  I drew the pattern and gave each color block 3 coats of exterior paint before giving 3 coats of polyurethane in satin.  I made my neighbor a 3 x 3 foot quilt for her barn.  The pattern I chose for hers is called Janet’s Star.  Who knew there was a quilt pattern with my name.  These are so much fun to do.  I love trying different color combinations.

State Line Baptist Church planned a Fall festival and had food and crafts for donation- only fund drive.  I decided to make one for the festival.  My d.h. said it was too bright and people wouldn’t want it except for kindling.  My sweet d.h., Always the encourager!  I was relieved they actually got a donation for it.

Barn Quilt for Pam (Janet's Star)

Barn Quilt for Pam (Janet’s Star) ~ Berry, Cobalt, Cotton, and Buff

Barn Quilt for our shed

Barn Quilt in Berry, Sage, Sunflower, and Cotton with Pale Blue Sashing

Barn Quilt for Fundraiser

Barn Quilt for Fundraiser ~ Barn Quilt in Sunflower, Cobalt, Sage, and Buff


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