Miss Violet Tours Abingdon, VA

Abingdon, Virginia is such a beautiful town. I love the quaintness of it and the friendly people. Miss Violet and I spent a couple of days sightseeing and had a delicious meal at The Peppermill. We saw the famous playhouse in Abingdon, called the Barter Theater.  It was called that because people would barter for play tickets. One of their slogans was, “with vegetables you can’t sell, you can buy a laugh.”  During the depression 4 out of 5 theater goers had bartered for their ticket.outsidecirca1933

We went to the most gorgeous inn called The Martha Washington Inn.  It was originally built as a private residence by General Preston following his successes in the war of 1812.  It was later turned into an exclusive prep school for girls.  Woodrow Wilson’s wife, attended here.

In 1935 it became The Martha Washington Inn and has hosted many esteemed guests. Among the long list of guests are Eleanor Roosevelt, Ladybird Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Harry Truman, and Elizabeth Taylor.





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