Miss Violet’s Family

Miss Violet has three children, two boys and a girl. The daughter, Marilyn is the one who owns the farm and was married to Rick. Unfortunately he passed on this weekend.


Marilyn has two daughters, Amy and Corrie. Amy and her husband have two kids and live on a hill above my apartment. I can’t see the house but I find comfort in knowing they are there. It gets really dark out there. Corrie lives in the farmhouse with Marilyn. She moved home about 5 months ago to help her mom while her dad was sick.

Marilyn said the last week that Rick was clairevoyant and it was really freaking her out. She would be thinking something and he would answer her thoughts. She said that she knows absolutely she did not ever tell Rick my name. She just told him a lady would be staying in the barn apartment. A few nights before he died, he asked how Janet was doing. Really strange. Death is such a mystery.

Another mysterious thing happened at the farm. When I showed up they took me to my apartment and on the wall was a black and white picture of a man making a guitar. His name is Wayne Henderson. I thought it amazing because my Grandpa was Wayne Henderson and there was a resemblance. I asked Marilyn what color their friend’s hair is and she said red. That is the color of my grandpa’s hair. It will be neat to find out we are related.  Wayne Henderson is a good friend to Marilyn and Rick and is a famous guitar maker and has even visited the Queen of England.
I love how things have been falling together on this work away. I feel that I was supposed to be here for some reason to meet these people. They said God sent me because they had been praying for help and God sent them an angel. Awww. so sweet, but I feel that they are more a blessing to me than I am to them.


6 thoughts on “Miss Violet’s Family

  1. Janet, you and your host family are there because God ordained it. I love reading about your adventures. I look forward to seeing if you all are really related.


  2. We used to know a Rick and Marilyn Mitchell in the Napa Valley area of California, probably40 years ago. He played guitar and we would do gospel music with him (my husband plays banjo, I play guitar). They had two young girls at the time. I wonder if this is the same couple…


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