Driving Miss Violet

Miss Violet

Miss Violet

Farm house

Farm house

View from my apartment

View from my apartment


This is an adventure of Driving Miss Violet. I’ll tell you the story about how this adventure started….

I was looking at workaway.com looking for a short working experience that would be sort of local and still be interesting. I found the ad about Gentry Creek Farm looking for painting  and various other little projects on the farm. The farm is an equine retirement center. I had never heard of such a thing, so it sparked my curiosity. People who have show horses or prize horses that are just getting too old can be sent here to retire. It is a beautiful place in the mountains and back hills of Laurel Bloomery,Tennessee.  When I say back, I mean way back.  There’s no cell phone signals here. The nearest interstate to get on is about an hour away.  It is lovely and peaceful.  It is a place I would want to retire if I were a horse.

The owners are Rick and Marilyn Mitchell.  Marilyn’s mother, Violet Myers, lives in an upstairs apartment in the big farmhouse.  She is 93 years old and still very active and full of energy.  Unfortunately Rick is presently suffering  from prostate cancer and Marilyn and the children are all consumed with the care of him, plus the running of the farm and horses.  Marilyn and I felt an immediate bond when we met as if we already knew eachother.  After I came to help she noticed how well I got along with Miss Violet.  Even though there’s 42 years in age difference we strangely had so much in common.  Marilyn offered me an opportunity that I just couldn’t refuse. Miss Violet likes to travel and get out of the house a lot and between Rick’s care and the farm chores,  it has been made impossible to get Miss Violet out of the apartment.  My new job is to be Miss Violet’s valet on Monday, Tuesday. and Wednesday each week.  They gave me a beautiful apartment above the barn to stay in while I’m not traveling.  They pay all of the expenses for Miss Violet and me to travel around these three days.  I am not sure how long this will last, but we sure are having a good time.  I will share some highlights and pictures of our adventures as I am able.  In the meantime check out the website above this post for a close up scoop about the farm.

9 thoughts on “Driving Miss Violet

  1. This is wonderful!!!!! Janet, what a great way to not only be a great help to Mitchells, but also for making memories!
    I love reading your blog and looking at your beautiful pictures!

  2. So, in a month’s time, you’ve gone from the North Carolina coast to the hills of Tennessee! How do you manage to find so many things to do?

  3. Oh Janet. This is wonderful. I wish I were as adventuresome as you. I love the flowers and the farmhouse, but want to see the inside and outside of your apartment. Living above a barn doesn’t sound pretty, but I will take your word for it until I see some pictures. And more about where you and Ms Violet have gone. And more about the family. You mentioned children. How many, etc. Please tell us everything. Love, Aunt Brenda

  4. What an amazing experience! So glad you are having a chance to meet new friends and stay in such a gorgeous, peaceful place! It is such a quaint place. You are very lucky. It would be a dream to be able to stay in such a wonderful place as this.
    Have fun on your adventures with Miss Violet! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

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