I Have a Fairy Living in My Backyard!

I am always honored to have a fairy take up residence in my backyard.  It is fun to look in and see how they live. Today I could see the soaker bathtub and loofah in the house.  It was made out a tub-shaped oyster shell.  She had a kitchen counter top made of flat pieces of shiny shells that reminded me of granite.  I noticed a lime on the counter and a bowl with white squash in it.  The house has hardwood floors.  The walls are wallpapered or she has painted the floral pattern with water colors.  It’s hard to tell.

Tonight my husband and I went out very quietly to see if she was home.  The house was so cute all lit up.  When we saw the lights were on, we tiptoed up to the house so not to disturb and took a couple of pictures with the digital camera.  Hope you enjoy looking.



20150712_132313_resized 20150712_132258_resized 20150712_132330_resized

4 thoughts on “I Have a Fairy Living in My Backyard!

  1. Parisflamingo,
    You are one of a kind! When Cindy told me what you’ve been up to lately, I had to laugh out loud. You are wonderfully unpredictable. I ‘m looking forward to seeing you on Thursday and hearing about your latest adventure.

    Love you,


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