How Joseph and Dovie’s Courtship Began

 I was wondering how my great grandparents met and I didn’t find out until this weekend.  My Aunt Brenda wrote this addendum to previous post ( A True Love Story about Joseph and Dovie) that I thought was so cool and wanted to share with you.
It all started when Joseph Warren Burke went to work at the old saw mill. It was far from his home so he rented room and board with the Gaddy family near the mill.
Well, the Gaddy family had a beautiful daughter named Dovie Laura Lucinda Gaddy. Joseph fell for her right away, but in those days it was improper for the two young people to so much as speak to each other. That’s because they lived under the same roof and that made it a no-no. But Joseph managed to sneak a few little notes to Dovie when he got the chance and she wrote back. Soon he moved out of the Gaddy house and found another place to live. During that time he wrote beautifully romantic letters to Dovie. Many months later, Joseph was allowed to visit and that began their courtship.
Aunt Brenda

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