Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald


Zelda Fitzgerald beautiful picture

I don’t know why some people are more fascinating than others.  Sometimes I just fall in love with a person or a couple and study their lives, their era, and try to imagine what their lives were like.  Sometimes I seem obsessed with finding out every detail about the people that occupy my thoughts.  I think it is so amusing to learn even minute details about their lives.  My son calls me a romantic.  He is kind.  Others call it weird.

It is so cute that Zelda called Scott D.O.  I still haven’t found out what that stands for.  Maybe only Zelda and Scott knew.  She was known for being in competition with her husband even though she loved him very much.  I think she sometimes had good cause to be jealous of him.  On more than one occasion he took lines that she had written and used them in his stories.  She would be reading one of his stories and there bigger than day, she recognized something she had written to him in a letter or in her private journal.  She longed for some of the attention for contributing to his success.

I absolutely love the review she gave about Scott’s book The Beautiful and the Damned”.  The publishers asked her to review it mainly for publicity reasons to help book sales.  She used her honesty along with wit to write this hilarious review.  It was so good that they later offered her another job to write an article.

This is what Zelda wrote~

“Buy this book for the following aesthetic reasons: First, because I know where there is the cutest cloth of gold dress for only $300 at a store on 42nd Street. And also, if enough people buy it, where there is a platinum ring with a complete circlet. …”

After citing a few more choice items that might come her way if the book sold well, she ends with a playful (or maybe not) admonition to her husband:

“It … seems to me that on one page I recognized a portion of an old diary of mine which mysteriously disappeared shortly after my marriage, and also scraps of letters which, though considerably edited, sound to me vaguely familiar. In fact, Mr. Fitzgerald — I believe that’s how he spells his name — seems to believe that plagiarism begins at home.”


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