Joseph Warren Burke marries Dovie Laura Lucinda Gaddy October 12, 1912. A true love story.

A sweet christian couple, very much in love, married and took up housekeeping in a house in the Beaverdam community of Haywood County, NC.  Joseph lost his daddy at a young age and then lost his mamma when he was a young adult.  When his mamma died he inherited a piece of his parents’ land and built a little farmhouse on it. It still stands today in the mountain community sparsely populated along Sorrel’s Creek.

Over the years the couple had a wonderful family and raised them properly with love, discipline, and respect.  They prayed for their children and for their children’s children and the generations still to follow.  Joseph, being a servant of the Lord and loving to study the Bible, became a strong man in understanding the word.  He became a great Sunday School teacher at their church.  It was called Laurel Grove Baptist Church.

On April 1, 1956, after a long Godly life of service to his Lord, wife, and family, Joseph was called home.  It was befitting that he was called home while he was at the little church he had served and loved so much.  After Dovie lost the love of her life, she asked the Lord for strength and carried on. She always looked forward to being in heaven with her Lord.  She dreamed of the day she would see Joseph again, to reunite and spend time together in paradise where death would never separate them again.

On December 7, 1965,  Dovie was resting quietly by herself on the front porch of the farmhouse.  She is pleasantly startled with something or someone that we still wonder about today.  She calls to inside of the little farmhouse, “C’m here, come see who has come for me?”   We don’t know what she saw that day, because when they came out to see, Dovie had peacefully passed away. I think the Lord allowed Joseph to escort her home that day so they could live in paradise with their Lord forever.



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