Divine appointment, Henry

Since my divine appointment with Lisa from New York, asking me to watch her dad, I have continued to sit with him all last week and weekend. He is an 81 year old Christian Jew, Korean War veteran, ex police officer, and a remarkable man.

He loves telling me stories about his life. I love most when he talks about his wife. He met her when visiting his mother in the hospital. She actually was in the bed beside his mom and they started talking and he kept visiting her. He told her when she got out of the hospital, he was taking her home with him. He sure did, with a ring on her finger.

She died a long time ago, but he never remarried. He said, “I couldn’t remarry, she was the love of my life.” This touched me because I feel the same about my d.h., I couldn’t remarry if I lost him! 🏝

P.S. I explained a lot of blog posts ago that I call my husband d.h. It stands for dearest husband. I started calling him that after reading Zelda Fitzgerald called her beloved Scott this.🌴

3 thoughts on “Divine appointment, Henry

  1. This is a beautiful blog site! I am leaving a comment here because it is my first visit to this site. (At the recommendation of a new friend)
    I am up late tonight, and after reading many postings and viewing the beautiful photography.. a sense of peace has come over me. I intend to continue to read and will look forward to new entries in the weeks and months to come.
    Thank you for all the warmth and truth you put into this site and the beauty of your gift.
    ~ Kimberley Mielke 10/18/21


  2. It looks beautiful, and so peaceful. I’m so happy that you got the opportunity to reside there. Can’t wait to come visit.
    Love you mom
    ♡ Your first daughter


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