Englewood Beach and Divine Appointment.

Pavilion with restrooms.

After taking my sweet d.h. to the airport, I was very upset seeing him leave. I went to Englewood Beach to pray and think.

Englewood Beach is nice and close to my apartment but it’s not my favorite beach. This beach is more touristy and a little more crowded than the others in the area. It does have a very nice pavilion and free parking.

I just needed the time to reflect and remind myself we’re doing this for us and our future. This experience will determine if we want to buy here and live half of our retirement years here. It is still hard to be apart. Thank God for cell phones and FaceTime.

In my quiet time on the beach I asked for direction in my job situation. I received a text from someone in New York that saw my profile on Care.com. She said she was desperate for me to please call her. When I went back to my car, I called and she explained that her dad was in the hospital and should have already been released days ago but she can’t find anyone to be with him for the first day and his friends can’t stay for whatever reason. The hospital won’t release him until she finds someone. I, of course, offered to help her. I felt that it could be a divine appointment and so relieved that I was here for her. When I went to his home today, his friends Ray and Rose were there. We automatically hit it off and exchanged numbers. I’m so excited to have met this sweet Christian couple. Ray reminds me of my deceased Uncle Bob Lynch and Rose reminds me of my deceased best friend Loreen . They are from Massachusetts and moved to Englewood after retiring. I love God and am grateful for His orchestration.🏝

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