Hanging On The Moon

Synonymous with “Best thing since sliced bread.” “Hung the moon” is an idiom that is used commonly to explain how great something or someone is, but I can’t find where it originated. I went to Carolina Beach with my hubby this week.  He said you can hang on the moon and it will remind you that I hung the moon for you.

If you know how it originated, you can let me know.  This moon I’m hanging on is right around the corner from Britt’s Doughnuts on the Boardwalk.  Remember that place ~ where 6 is not enough!!


2 thoughts on “Hanging On The Moon

  1. I don’t know the origin either but. Do remember Mary painting a picture of George lassoing the moon in my all time favorite movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. And it certainly is a wonderful life eating Britt’s doughnuts while your hubby hangs the moon for you! Just delightful!

    Last time Eric and I were ther (in April) we got four (two for now, two for later). We didn’t have any for later!


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