Haunted Pillar in Augusta, Georgia

I used to travel with my d.h. a lot to Augusta, but recently I was either working or had a puppy in training, etc.  Always something going on.  He had to go to the Morris family meeting which is held twice a year and I thought this time I would ride along.

I was curious about the pillar in downtown when I watched a special on The Weather Channel about it.  It was one of the pillars of the old market that was used like the market in Charleston. In the late 1800’s a preacher came to town and was preaching hell and damnation to the point that many people were feeling uncomfortable and eventually ran him out of town.  Before leaving he put his hand on the pillar and cursed the town.  He swore that the market would be destroyed and nothing would be left standing except the single pillar.  Soon afterwards, an out of the ordinary tornado came through and wiped out the entire market except for the one pillar. The curse is believed to be that anyone touching the pillar will become sick or die.  There are many people who have died or become deathly sick after touching the pillar.  My husband told the people in the meeting that he was taking his wife to see it.  They all said, “Don’t touch it.”




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