A Common Trait with the Sanderling Calidris alba

Last week I was at my favorite beach, Oak Island Beach in North Carolina.  My husband and I  enjoyed long walks and just relaxing on the warm sand listening to the ocean.  We enjoyed watching these shorebirds called Sanderlings.  They are also commonly called sand pipers.  My husband and I had a good laugh as we both thought these funny little birds reminded us of me.  It was because of their swift little legs moving so fast, hardly stopping for a break.  I do have a hard time stopping myself for a break, especially when on a mission or having a project to finish.  Sometimes I feel convicted of being a Martha, when I should be more like Mary.  This story is located in Luke 10:38.

The beach is just the place to make me slow down and meditate on things that are important and get refreshed.  I am so grateful for the beauty providing much needed moments of peace.Oak Island 010  Oak Island 041 Oak Island 006Oak Island 055 Oak Island 004

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