A Safe Haven in North Carolina

I love the movie Safe Haven with Julianne Hough.  The movie is made from a Nicholas Sparks novel and it is well done.  The setting is in a quaint little town called Southport, NC.  It is setting on a little cape off of the Atlantic Ocean.  When Nicholas Sparks discovered the town of Southport, he called it a hidden gem.

 I went exploring the little town with my youngest daughter, Caroline.  It was a lot of fun to see the little fishing town with historic cottages dotted along its harbor.  The town is so photogenic and old fashioned looking.  It is as if time has stood still since the 1950’s.  Since the movie came out, though, it has been discovered by many people who are now making Southport their home.  In a down economy, we saw lots of building on the skirt of the little town. The building is on the skirts because of the rarity of homes downtown coming on the market.  The cottages that do come on the market are expensive, but snatched up so quickly you might not have the opportunity to see a sign in the yard.

My husband and I are going to Oak Island, NC for a little getaway soon and will wander 5 miles north to visit Southport once again.  I look forward to visiting the area again and taking more pictures of the area.

One thought on “A Safe Haven in North Carolina

  1. We discovered Southport in 1981 when we spent a week there with two other couples in a small, simple house on stilts right on the water’s edge. It was so much fun and good fishing. We had let our daughter go to the beach without us for the first time, with her friend’s family and I spent the first day worrying that we’d done the right thing because I hadn’t gotten the exact location of where she would be. But then the next day I knew because they were directly across the street from us! When she found this out, she asked us to pretend we didn’t know her. But that all changed the next day when she wanted money and we didn’t know her. A fun memory. Thanks for reminding me.


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