Look At This Tree!

I worked on a Caregiver job for a few weeks in the Palmer Ranch area of South Sarasota. The lady I cared for had this unique tree near her home. The pictures do not do it justice. It is stunning!

I was told it is a Floss Silk tree. These beautiful flowers will be followed by pods that are embedded with silk-like floss that was once used to stuff pillows.

The trunk has a medieval appearance.

Biscuits and gravy better than mine! What???

We have a favorite breakfast place called Coffee and Friends. A family from Switzerland traveled the United States searching for the best place to open a coffee shop. When they went to Englewood, they said it just spoke to them. The building they are in was a breakfast place and was for sale because owner was retiring. They then decided to do coffee AND breakfast to keep the breakfast going for the many regulars already going there. The son had worked for a major coffee company in Switzerland and it was his dream realized to have a coffee shop. His dad cooks the breakfast.

The first time my d.h tried the biscuits and gravy, he was with my brother in law, Jesse. They got up early and decided to go eat breakfast while the two bride’s slept in. When he tried the biscuits and gravy he told Jesse,” I hope Janet doesn’t ask if they are better than hers.” When they told us where they went and what they ordered, I immediately asked if they were better than mine. He couldn’t lie to me. The truth hurts, but I appreciate the honesty. When I ate there the next time I had to try it. I had to admit he was right. I used to brag about making the best biscuits and gravy but I don’t anymore. Coffee and Friends put me in my place and dropped the mic.🏝

Belly Dancing at Ephesus.

Ephesus Mediterranean Restaurant offers a unique attraction for date night. It was a lot of fun! One man having a birthday was targeted by the belly dancer to cause him to blush from embarrassment in front of his wife and friends. The belly dancing really was amazing. I don’t think I have ever seen it done correctly before.

Beautiful atmosphere
Coffee and Desserts are great. My favorite is the pistachio baklava.

Old Florida Style

The main color of the inn is a sunny yellow, inside and out. It looks lovely with a wide range of other colors. The “writing room”, is decorated in pinks with rattan furniture.

This Historic style yellow by Benjamin Moore reminds me of the “Gasparilla” yellow.

Writing room
Cozy gathering area off of main hallway.

We had a lot of people buying souvenirs in the shop today and they were all whining about having to leave. I am so happy I didn’t have to.🏝

First Day in Gift Shop.

I am training first in the Inn Shop today. The Inn shop is in the front part of the inn, right off the lobby. It carries more of the logo souvenir products. The logo for the Gasparilla Inn is a pirate. There’s also suntan lotions, sun bonnets, cold drinks, daily newspapers from major cities,etc.

The inn trains employees to give old Florida hospitality to the guests. I love the old Florida feel and decor. It’s like stepping back in time.🏝

Front Porch Leads to Lobby
Old Florida Decor

The wooden floor has a marine type shellac to resist wear and shine like a new penny.🌴